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thefactory's Journal

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the factory {art as religion. revolution.}
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the world is dreary right now, n'est-ce pas?
we are long overdue a cultural revolution...

the brilliant minds of our generation, as they say, are wasting away. we lack hope, genius, revolt against the mundane, creativity.

this is a place to begin bringing back the abandon of warhol's factory era. of any era where art was art and life was a buzz and for the living. i have long wanted to be part of something like this, meet similar people... a fusing of great creative minds into one fabulous, caffeine-fueled explosion.

& it seems i am not alone.

obviously, this would be much better if we had the £££ to transcend the idea into reality, but everyone has to start somewhere. & if we can bring our individual parts together, here, in this small way... then maybe we can gather inspiration & hope for our dreams. so! grab the drug of your choice (be it literal or non-literal) and come be fabulous.

remember, this is not just another art community. we want revolutionary ideas, small bits of change. ideas to wake people up. poetic terrorism. etc...


post : any artform:
photography, writing, design of any kind, music. tell us about anything you have created that you can not show us. recommendations. inspirations. zines, collectives, projects (online & off) etc etc. quotes, stories, addictions, obsessions... et al. if you breathe it, we want to hear about it. anything fabulous.

if you are posting big, please use the lj-cut

& if you have any problems, yell them towards me oven
activism, addiction to life, alien cultures, androgynous beings, andy warhol, anti-discrimination, anti-war, architecture, art, art as religion, astronomy, attics, beatniks, beauty in everything, belief, books, brigid berlin, caffeine, capital cities, chuck palahniuk, cindy sherman, cocktail parties, collages, conspiracy theories, contemporary art, crazy genius, creating, creative souls, culture, d.i.y. culture, dada, dancing anywhere & everywhere, david lynch, design, diane di prima, disposable cameras, doodles, douglas coupland, dressing up, drugs, eccentricity, edie sedgewick, existentialism, exquisite corpses, eyeliner, fabulous art, fashion design, fashion photography, feminism, film-making, finding beauty in vulgarity, found objects, gender outlaws, genius, glamour, glue, graphic design, horror movies, iconic art, idealism, indie films, inhalation, insanity, intelligence applied, interesting minds, jack kerouac, jazz bars, jenny saville, john cale, knives, literature, london, long scissors, lou reed, lust, making a mess, mark ryden, minutiae, mirror envy, mixtapes, muses, music, narrative art, nation of ulysses, natural high, never stop, new york, nico, nicotine, nocturnal activities, novellas, observing people, obsession, philosophy, photobooths, photography, pictures, poetry, polaroids, political art, politics, pop art, printmaking, pro-choice, punk rock, revolution, revolutionary ideas, riots, road trips, scissors, screaming, self-improvement vs self-destruction, sex, sidewalk demonstration, society, sparkly stars, superstars, surrealism, the exploding plastic inevitable, the factory, the velvet underground, thinking, thrift stores, tinfoil, torches & paintbrushes, tracey emin, trash, tristan tzara, typewriters, underground, vampire movies, vanity, vinyl, words, writing, zines

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