SpilledPills (spilledpills) wrote in thefactory,

as requested...some poetry:)

Rebel riot girls defying notions
I bleed and shake taking you through the motions
Scars lie and the wound never heals
Its me from the world that your heart steals
Magic love potions and fairy dust eyes
Cotton candy cheeks and white creamy thighs
I hide behind this exotic mask
I wish living was an easier task
Doll face and blue veins
Every time I cry I can feel the reigns.

Sleepy aura makes for lazy days
I awake shakey and in a drug haze
Afflictions and addictions
Abuses and conflictions
Sad and true are the dream lands
Cold and clammy are my tarnished hands
Lies and sick men
I exist only through my pen
Obscure expressions
Insane confessions
Heavy eye lids and wrinkled skin
I belong to fantasy and not to sin.

just two that i had available:)
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