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Instructional Drawing...

Hi , i have just joined this community and for my first post i would like to tell you about my most recent project that you may wish to take part in....
for further information about me please look at my journal r get in touch via e-mail.
thanks Rachael.

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Instructional Drawing
Deadline: None

Brief: Using the postal system, please send me a written drawing instruction which involves any media and any technique. Please send the instruction on a post card sized surface (6x4inch).

The drawing instruction can be as detailed or as vague as you wish. The instruction can contain an image on the post card (i.e an example of the instruction or background image), but must also include a written version of the instruction.

Examples of drawing instructions :

* Draw a line with a ruler and pencil 10-cm long along the left had side of the drawing surface.


*Paint a free hand circle.


* Walk over the drawing surface

***Use your imagination and instruct me to create my drawings.***

An original instructional drawing will be sent back to those who participate so please include your name and address.

Contact: Please send your mail to the following address
Rachael Elwell
37 Arthur Millwood Court
Rodney Street
M3 5HR

e-mail: blog:
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